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HAR's Warranties

At HAR, we take pride in offering quality used products that save you time and money without the headache or worry. Used parts leaving our facility are double inspected by our staff, both when pulled and when shipping. All of our used parts are covered under our 30-day warranty. If you receive a defective used part, we will replace it with another quality used part from our yard.

Our warranty does not cover labor costs associated with the defective part. No cash refunds. Non-defective items may be returned for in-store credit. All warranties are applicable to the original purchaser and are not transferable.

Our Warranties


All engines sold fully dressed are test-run in-house before they are shipped. They are either test run in the vehicle they came from or on one of the special test stands we have for each generation of the Duramax Diesel. Compression, balances rates, and CP3 function are all tested to ensure engines run well before leaving the facility. All of our test-run engines also hold the 30-day parts warranty. This includes all components on the engine, as well as the engine itself. We will issue parts for repair if there is a problem with an accessory or a smaller, fixable problem. We will issue a complete replacement warranty in the event the bottom end fails.

Rebuilt Engines

We put the utmost care into our engine rebuilds. All of our rebuilt engines come with a 1-year, unlimited mile parts warranty. This means we cover any parts necessary to repair a failed rebuilt engine or issue a complete replacement engine. This warranty does not cover labor. Hot tunes and various performance add-ons void the warranty.

Transmissions, Transfer Cases, Differentials

These parts are sold used. We carefully inspect each part for outward physical defects, check the color of fluid, and document mileage. They are shipped in a good, clean, usable condition. However, we still recommend changing the fluid before using it.

Rebuilt Transfer Cases

Our rebuilt transfer cases are covered for six months from purchase.

Wiring, Electrical, and Modules

Wiring harnesses, electrical components, and modules hold our 30-day parts warranty. If you purchase an electrical component and find it to have a defect, we will replace it with another used, quality component. Defective electrical items will not have a cashback option — instead, we can either replace the part or issue store credit. If you wish to return a non-defective electrical component that you did not need, it must be returned in the same condition it was purchased in, with tags included. Store credit will be issued for non-defective returns.

Sheet Metal

Any sheet metal damage must be reported at the time of pickup at HAR or delivery by HAR shipping. Damage done to sheet metal after purchase is not covered under warranty.

Installers Responsibility

Manufacturer installation guidelines must be followed for the removal and installation of all units. Errors from installation, physical damage, and improper startup and break-in procedures will not be covered. Before units are released from service, the initial cause of failure must be repaired (such as overheating, fuel delivery, or any other issues). All engines are primed prior to being shipped or delivered. Transmissions contain no fluids and must be properly filled prior to startup. Before installation of the engine, check all accessories such as manifolds, fuel injections, oil pan, brackets, water pump, flywheel, sensors, wires, ignition, etc. Change oil, filters and flush remote filters, oil coolers and lines if equipped. It is vital that guidelines for installation are followed in accordance with the notecard attached to the units.

This agreement and limited warranty shall be null and void if:

  1. HAR is not provided a reasonable opportunity for inspection of a covered component prior to removal, repair, or replacement.
  2. The customer does not use new oil, seal(s), filter(s), and parts prior to the operation of the purchased component(s).
  3. The components are not installed by a state-licensed repair facility within 30 days of the date of purchase.
  4. Damage to a purchased component is caused by a non-covered component(s) or part(s) or any component(s) or part(s) not purchased from HAR.
  5. The customer fails to follow the maintenance requirements provided by the manufacturer and/or fails to provide proper service documents.

Warranty Q&A

What should I do if I receive a damaged part?

If your part(s) are coming via freight, report your claim to the freight driver upon delivery. DO NOT sign for your freight shipment until all components have been inspected by you. After reporting the claim to the freight driver, call HAR to inform them of the claim filed.

If your part(s) are coming via UPS or USPS, take a couple of pictures of the damage and call HAR to report your claim (at (419) 542-8500).

What should I do if I install my part(s) and they do not seem to work or do not fix my problem?

Call us. We are here to help, and your parts purchase comes with our helpful technical support and extensive knowledge about our product.

The shop installing my parts has a problem with them, but I am unsure how to properly relay the message and information to HAR.

Have your shop or mechanic give us a call. We will work with them to resolve the problem.

I ended up not needing the part I ordered. Can I return it?

Non-defective items may be returned for an in-store credit only. Buyer must return the item. Once the item has been received, store credit will be issued.

Am I responsible for shipping cost on warranty items?

Call us at (419) 542-8500 to discuss your specific situation.